Margit Raid

Margit Raid is a independent business consultant since 2007, sharing her expertise in following categories:

  • Art of performance: presentations skills courses; one-to-one speech training sessions, lecturer at EBS Executive MBA program teaching executives in verbal communication.
  • Train to trainer seminars and workshops to increase managers educational skills and techniques about adult learning principles.
  • In-house trainings, seminars and workshop to support change management and business performance.
  • In-house programs to create and adapt soft values and organizational culture.
  • Life-long coaching and mentoring sessions in personal development.
  • Business consultant in fields of behavioral science.

In her professional career she studied economy at Tallinn Technical University. After ten years career in several mid-manager and manager positions she complemented herself at Estonian School of Diplomacy and fulfilled MBA program about consultancy at Estonian Business School, adding several supplement studies at Professional School of Psychology.
For professional inspiration Margit had a chance to attend at TED Global 2010.

All her programs and lectures are taylor made.

Idea in brief.

Art of performance in mind as an example of my taylor-made programs.

If we talk about presentation skills course, pretty often we attribute it to ppt. slideshow sharing at seminar.. .what is partly accurate but in real action means much more.
Expressing yourself is a skill, not a habit so it means we do have a impact of practicing and developing it! By somehow in our business environment presenting, public speaking, media talks, negotiating or in-house facilitating skills are pretty often taken as natural talent…
As background for mentioned topic is social studies, we do face Interdisciplinary, touching bounds in between economy, consultancy, marketing, business developing, communication, psychology, group-behaving theory, adult learning processes and non-verbal activities.
Hypothesis for mentioned taylor-made programs is:
It is all about preparation and luck.

In my toolkit there are following experiences to inspire possible action-plan:


Conference style speaking.
Person prepares speech and slides, organizer record it and send to consultant. Consultant analyzing real-life based speech and gives prepared and customized individual feedback + suggestions.
Coordinated activities in between person and consultant about speech preparation, slides and pre-recorded video training at the real conference place. Fine-tuning and support about stage frame, questions from the audience and media contacts if needed. Real action will be recorded as well for receiving feedback about speech.

Supportive team member

Brand building seminar.
Company organizing seminar for focused target audience (either new business, or take-over or celebrating etc.). Consultant will be part of project team, supporting in preparation, story-board, script and slides + pre-recorded training session.
Company is doing preparation by themselves and records it. Consultant receives video, makes personal preparation in adapting skills and reality. feedback sharing could be organized either by group or by individual feedback session.

Group training session

Self-expression courses (up to 12 persons)
Kick-off meeting at the customers office. Consultant makes a short introduction about syllabus. Each participant have a change to introduce himself and share personal expectations about skills needed to improve. Consultant shares individual exercise (up to 3 minutes per performer) for each participant what they need to prepare in advance.
Consultant visits customer office and records all prepared performances in one-to -one situation, using authentic seminar room.
Consultant reviews all recorded material and fine-tunes course material.
Depends on the list of topics group will meet for one or two 3/4 days training. Based on my personal experience I would recommend 3/4 day trainings (12-18 or 11-17) due the fact that individuals may share part of their work duties not missing the whole day from the office. Part of the training session will be pre-recorded presentations playback.
Depends on audience consultant may give a written personal feedback report to each participant if needed.

Train to trainer

4. Mixed activities, combining local trainer activities with mine.
There is chance to combine local professional input with some cross-boarded activities. I could be part of tender project and support to find best possible local trainer. We could combine program in between him and me. (For example specifics in oral and written communication in native language is important to keep by local professional). We could share floor for some session and separate by some activities (f.e. video playback session or etc.).
Or there is a chance to go for train-to-trainer session as well, sharing strategical themes, sub-themes and topics with tools and exercises.